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Access Westpac Banking Benefits

Westpac's long partnership with Retail NZ to support the growth of New Zealand's retail industry provides our members with a range of special deals including:

  • an all-in-one, low cost business banking option
  • discounted merchant rates
  • a range of personal banking benefits including discounted home loans

Find out more about Westpac and their special deals for business and personal banking:

Lower credit card processing rates for Visa and MasterCard

Facility Type Merchant Service Fee
ATV = Average Transaction Value New Transactional Rate
Have a Transactional Account with Westpac
New Non-Transactional Rate
No Transactional Account with Westpac
Card Present over $150 ATV 1.49% 1.75%
Card Present less than $150 ATV 1.64% 1.89%
Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)
Card Not Present
1.79% 1.99%