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Equip your business for COVID-19

To get ready for trading at Alert Level 2 there's a range of business helping to support retailers to trade safely and effectively, from getting hand sanitiser to PPE and Perspex screens and signage, sanitation holders, as well as a virtual market place app. Take a look below.


Metalmorphic has developed a sanitation unit - incorporating the ability to display a message which can be changed easily and often, click here to find out more. Contact Bill Martel on 021 246 7176 or email


OfficeMax have a variety of hand sanitisers and other PPE as well as packaging to help those members who are operating with an online offer under Level 3.

Starfish Comfort

Starfish Comfort are a NZ manufacturer of interior and exterior soft furnishings. Our team of design, sewing and upholstery specialist's custom make cushions, indoor and outdoor squabs, and beautiful upholstered headboards in fabric of your choice. As a manufacturer we can supply bulk retail quantities, but we can also customise for specific consumer requirements. In response to COVID-19 to keep our NZ workers employed, we have also developed two styles of low-cost reusable face masks available for commercial supply. Contact us at


SurfaceSafe has launched a COVID-19 Business Essentials, offering which assists businesses get back to operating safely within the requirements of Level 2 and 3. This includes locally made hand and surface sanitisers that are plant-based, environmentally friendly and of commercial strength. The ingredients are FDA approved and therefore safe around food and all surfaces - perfect for retail and hospitality. Trade sizes and discounts available upon request. Use promo code RETAIL for 10% off.

WA Coppins Ltd.

The Protector Series Work Station Membrane is a form of protective equipment designed to minimise the physical interaction between workers where two metre distancing of work stations cannot be maintained. To find out more click here or ring 03 528 7296.

Customer Radar Check-in

We're in the middle of a global pandemic - the safety of your customers and your people is paramount. Being able to safely track who has been in and out of your store (contact tracing) is not only helpful in tracking the spread of COVID-19 - it also gives you and your customers peace of mind.

Harper Digital

Helping you get your business online, e-commerce ready to be able to promote your business and products using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Luk App

Luk is a virtual marketplace mobile app and real-time online channel for your products or services, developed locally in NZ and aimed at the retail and hospitality sector. Customers can browse for products or offers in stores they're interested in, and can make purchases all inside the app. As a Luk merchant, you can push real-time offers and deals to shoppers based on their location with easy-to-use Facebook and Instagram integration. Merchants can also easily set up Delivery, Click & Collect (Pick Up), Redeem in Store, Virtual Queueing (with in-built Contact Tracing) and Digital Loyalty options. Ideal for retail businesses that already have online and mobile options set up, but just as applicable for retailers who don't have online or mobile options. Set up assistance will be available for Retail NZ members. Luk is 100% NZ-Made.

New Zealand Couriers

New Zealand Couriers provides Retail NZ members with exclusive products & discounted offers to suit the needs of the various types of retail businesses.


Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.


A new nationwide contactless delivery business that is proving popular compared to traditional forms of delivery from business to consumer. Advantages both shoppers and organisations are appreciating include:

  • Most delivery people hold a P License and have been police vetted, have a strong history in compliance and really like people.
  • Nationwide Call Centre that is 'onto it'.
  • It's insanely inexpensive at this stage because of scale.

Traceable by Webtools

Webtools Group is a technology company based out of Christchurch New Zealand, with offices in Australia and the UK. Webtools specializes in supporting companies with innovation within the Health, Energy, and Agriculture sectors. Webtools provides a suite of off the shelf products/tools and Saas solutions. Innovation is increasingly important for companies to compete and Webtools provides consulting, prototyping, software development and IOT services to deliver your technology innovation needs.

'Traceable' COVID-19 - Contact Tracing App: Traceable Pro - built right here in New Zealand - helps you comply with the Ministry of Health guidelines as we move through the different lockdown levels. For employers, the app lets your access your employee check-in and check-out data and let's you ensure staff distancing is maintained. This let's you track staff more closely and only quarantine small parts of your business if an outbreak occurs. For retailers, the app let's you track your customers at your locations in a way that complies with NZ health guidelines without giving you access to sensitive customer data. See website for more information or if you would like a demo please contact Ben Teycheney via or mobile +61 409 996 000.


BDO have nationwide specialist insolvency teams that can assist any business through issues caused by COVID-19. This includes assisting with the Business Debt Hibernation scheme, applications to Inland Revenue for the Small Business Cash flow Loans, landlord or supplier negations or any matter relating to the ongoing viability or solvency of your business.

HEBRON Business Game Changers

HEBRON provides practical advice and solutions for business owners, particularly in the areas of Business Planning, Staff Engagement (especially Millennials) and Sales & Supervision Coaching.

As an approved NZTE Covid 19 Business Support Advisor, HEBRON is able to provide on line support as you make decisions on how to navigate your way through the coming months. As an experienced sounding board your views will be listened to, challenged and a plan hatched to help you achieve maximum success. Best of all via the Regional Business Partners Program the $228.75 plus GST per hour usual cost will be met by the government for approved businesses.

HEBRON Business Game Changers can transform your business future by thorough assessment, making a plan, building strong teams, providing training and going in to bat when required.


If you have a property or lease problem, Occupize can help you. Working exclusively for tenants, we provide cost-effective property know-how for retailers. Whether it's advice on reducing expenses or risks, or strategies for renegotiating arrangements with landlords or aligning lease terms to business goals, we provide practical expertise to help you make informed decisions. We're not agents, we're advisors that have worked with hundreds of lease for all different sized organisations.

Learn about the different ways our Business Partners are offering support to you, through the COVID-19 crisis.

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Updated 11th May 2020.