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Our #ShopLocal social media campaign is about encouraging New Zealanders to shop locally and make a difference in their communities.

When we shop at local shops or New Zealand online stores, we help keep our communities strong, encourage the continued growth of small boutique shops, reduce environmental impacts and keep jobs in New Zealand.

A vibrant, healthy retail sector brings tourists to our town and cities, fills empty store fronts and increases the tax base - meaning government and councils have more money to spend on essential services.

Shopping locally is the only way to make sure the money we spend stays in the local economy.

Get involved by using the hashtag #ShopLocal and sharing what's great about your local shops!

Why should we #ShopLocal?

  • Assurance if anything goes wrong - the Consumer Guarantees Act ensures that goods and services meet certain standards and set out remedies from retailers and manufacturers if they don't. When buying from offshore websites, customers don't have such assurances.
  • Getting what we paid for - the Fair Trading Act means that Kiwi shoppers buying from local stores have accurate information about what they're buying and that goods meet safety standards. No dodgy fakes or rip-offs here. And if there is a problem, consumers can make a complaint to the Commerce Commission.
  • Making sure we get the goods when we need them - no waiting indefinitely for parcels to arrive from the other side of the world.
  • What if you change your mind? When shopping locally many retailers will allow customers to change their minds and return goods within a certain period if they are in the original condition. Offshore retailers may not do the same, and if they do, shipping costs generally must be met by the consumer.
  • Face-to-face customer service from in-store product experts.
  • But most importantly, #ShopLocal is about supporting our local communities.

For further information, please contact:

Greg Harford
General Manager, Public Affairs
027 243 2842