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We represent retailers

An important part of what we do at Retail NZ is representing the retail sector. We regularly meet government ministers, opposition spokespeople and senior officials from government agencies to ensure the voice of retail is heard at the highest levels. We also speak up in the media so that the public is aware of how the issues facing the retail sector will affect it.

Retail is a key contributor to New Zealand's economy, it employs 350,000 people and generates sales of nearly $80 billion a year. We're champions for our sector and believe that thriving retail businesses are essential to the vibrancy of our towns and cities - boosting tourism, employment and quality of life.

What we stand for:

  • Ensuring the retail sector is recognised as a key contributor to New Zealand's economic prosperity.
  • Providing maximum opportunities for retailers to deliver great shopping experiences for New Zealanders.
  • A level playing field for all New Zealand retailers.
  • Reducing the cost of doing business.
  • Minimising red tape and compliance requirements that get in the way of retailing.
  • Allowing consumers to make their own informed decisions about shopping.
  • Keeping retailers informed about legal, social, environmental and financial developments.

Key issues we are currently working on:

For the latest information on all of our advocacy work, members can check out this month's edition of Talking Shop (subscribe by emailing marketing@retail.kiwi).

If you have enquiries about these or any other issues affecting your retail business contact:

Greg Harford, General Manager Public Affairs
Ph: 027 243 2842
Email: Greg.Harford@retail.kiwi