Global Retail Summit - 18th APRCE 2017

All things RETAIL; the future of the retailing industry is moving into a new era where traditional retail businesses and the "mom & pop" stores are being challenged by inventive and exciting new retail concepts and services. But with competition challenges heating up, the next level is met with compelling new offerings across both traditional and digital spectrums.

Continuous change is a constant being in the ever-evolving landscape of the retail industry. APRCE 2017 Convention aims to keep you updated on the challenges and opportunities in today's changing market place. Internationally renowned retail practitioners and speakers will be invited to speak on some of the following core retail topics, just to name a few:

  • Future Retail Customers
  • Winning Retail Formats of the Future
  • Retail World & Global Trends
  • Retail Technologies & Solutions
  • Omni Channel Retailing
  • Consumers Buying Behaviour from Traditional Stores to Modern Large Format Retail Outlets